Transforming Travel

We are revolutionising the way people book travel online, by offering pre-designed, customisable, end-to-end trips that can be searched, booked and paid for in minutes. We bridge the gap between the decentralised, traditional and sharing economies. You can book with your voice, use digital currencies and earn rewards.

Our Mission

Our goal is to transform travel booking online by offering a fresh approach for travelers. Our marketplace will not only save travelers hours of time but make booking, creating and customising trips quick and easy.

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Our Marketplace

On, service providers sell their services directly to travelers. What sets us apart is that, in addition to traditional hotels, restaurants and tours, those service providers can also be users renting a home, cooking a meal or sharing their favourite activity. Also, we embrace decentralisation by allowing our users to deploy their service as a smart contract in one click.

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Features that will charm you...


Many companies have adopted a mobile-first approach to develop their services primarily for mobile usage. The next paradigm shift - which is already happening - is voice-first. It prioritises voice commands over tapping on the screen. If you find yourself saying "Okay Google..." or "Hey Siri" you are ready for using voice-first services! is bringing this voice-enabled feature into the travel space.

Hybrid platform

Blockchain technology is in its infant stage. Scaling, speed, and cost haven't been completely solved (yet!) So, it may take a while for Blockchain to replace the centralised model. We see this as a massive opportunity to bring the two models together through our hybrid approach. This way we serve today’s travelers, and are perfectly positioned for a semaless transition when decentralisation takes over.

Digital Currency Rewards

To keep the platform vibrant and active with engaged users, we created our own rewards system based on a digital token called PLS. Travelers, trip creators, and service providers are all rewarded with these tokens whenever a trip has been booked and completed. Our AI-based algorithm determines how many tokens users will receive.

Pre-designed, End-to-End Trips

We offer an immense selection of pre-packaged, complete trips created by locals or avid travelers. Our trips include lodging, meals, tours, attractions, and local transportation as a total package with one price - to keep things smooth and easy! These trips can be searched by location, time span, time of year, traveler’s interests, or occasion for traveling. (Yes, we can help you book that romantic getaway that will make you look like a Don Juan!)

Merging Traditional and Sharing Economies

We are unique in offering services from the traditional and sharing economies. In other words, on you can book a hotel room or a home rental, you can make restaurant reservations or spend the evening with an amateur chef, you can choose to sign up for a professional tour or share activities with locals. All of these can be customised with your interests, time and budget, and then organised into a trip or booked individually.

Bounty-based development

At, we believe in true open source development. As our platform grows, we will keep open sourcing it. The contributors who define, build, and test new features and bugs, will be rewarded in PLS tokens for every feature they complete.

Our Token

To keep the platform vibrant and active with engaged users, we created our own rewards system based on a digital token called PLS. We award these tokens to travelers, service providers and trip creators as they use our marketplace.

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Agile & Open Source

Our platform is built ith the latest best practices, like feature-based agile development. We will also open source our software as we grow the platform.

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Our Roadmap


Private Investment Round

Reserved for accredited and institutional investors investing $100k or more in the project

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Global Partnerships Development

A strong brand, a solid demo, a clear vision and an extensive network are our best assets to approach global partners

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Production launch: "Trips App"

A innovative and easy to use mobile app for the busy traveler to book your next trip in minutes

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Production launch: "Decentralised services on Ethereum"

After optimising and auditing our smart contracts, we'll be ready to launch our first decentralised features in a production environment

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Production launch: "Decentralised services on EOS"

After optimising our infrastructure and developing our second set of smart contracts, we'll be ready to bring our second selected blockchain in our production environment

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Marketing Campaign: "Expansion in key cities"

One year after our initial launch, we will know a lot about our users. Our infrastructure and features will be optimised to attract a new massive influx of travelers, trip creators, and service providers.

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Production launch: "Transport services"

Transport is our next step in providing a complete traveler experience.

Our Team

We are a growing, distributed team bringing more than a century of combined experience. And we are always hiring new talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a list of records, chained together to protect against revision and tampering.

  • What is a Smart contract?

    Smart contracts are computer protocols that automatically facilitate, verify and enforce the performance of a contract.